MED Antiperspirant

MED Antiperspirant

$24.00 CAD

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The creamy lotion Gehwol MED antiperspirant allows, in the event of regular and daily application, a good hygiene of the feet, without odors. The skin is protected against microorganisms resulting from the breakdown of perspiration, against yeast infection and against itching between the toes. The secretion of sweat is reduced and bad odors no longer form. Prevents drying and weakening of the foot simultaneously.

Aloe, avocado oil and glycerin heal the skin, while aluminum hydrochloride reduces the formation of sweat. Zinc ricinoleate eliminates odors and PCA sodium prevents drying of the skin.


Gehwol MED Anti-perspirant Cream lotion leads to drier, odorless feet with regular, daily use. The skin is protected against sweat decomposing microorganisms, fungal infections and itching between the toes. Sweat formation is reduced and odor formation is prevented. Simultaneously, excessive dehydration and brittleness are prevented.

Aloe vera, avocado oil and glycerine nourish the skin while aluminum chlorohydrate reduces sweat formation. Zinc ricinoleate removes odors and sodium PCA protects the skin against dehydration.