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AGELESS Perfection cream 50 ml

AGELESS Perfection cream 50 ml

$88.00 CAD

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A real skin pigmentation treatment in a bottle! This organic cream certified by Ecocert with proven natural and bio-technological ingredients will reduce and eliminate dark spots and inhibit the production of melanin which causes the formation of new spots.

No need to whiten your skin! La Crème Perfection is a skin lightening cream that evens out the color of the complexion while continuing to act powerfully against hyperpigmentation.

Whether you have age spots on your face or anywhere on your skin, this Ageless Perfection Cream from PHYTO5 is activated by the addition of Alpine Edelweiss Flower and Japanese Wakame Algae, ideal age spot-fighting ingredients brown associated with aging or sun damaged skin.

Works to inhibit the production of melanin which causes the appearance of new spots. Unique Ingredients: Edelweiss Essential Oil: clinically proven to reduce dark spots and decrease melanin; anti-aging; regenerating; encourages skin elasticity; antioxidant; protective Wakame (Japanese brown algae): proven to brighten skin and smooth dark spots Phytic acid: a natural acid extracted from wheat; prevents brown spots by reducing melanin synthesis Shea butter: West African shea nut; very hydrating; healing; anti-inflammatory; soften and smooth the skin; stimulates collagen synthesis; recommended for the prevention of wrinkles and aging of the skin while protecting it from bad weather.