DOLCE Ultra-efficient biocompatible exfoliant

DOLCE Ultra-efficient biocompatible exfoliant

$58.00 CAD

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This biocompatible dual-action exfoliant is one of a kind.

A trio of exfoliating grains will carry out a mechanical exfoliation by massage and rubbing of the hands and / or feet. During this minute of massage, the magic of enzymes and natural acids is used to work enzymatically the dead keratin cells on the surface of the skin. To see it is to believe it! You will see rolls of dead skin come off and fall.

The Dolce collection actively participates in maintaining good hydration of the skin, and it is ideal for relieving chapped areas such as the knees, feet and even the lips.

The precious active ingredients work in synergy to deeply hydrate, repair and protect the skin thanks to its biocompatible formulation.