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Les CocoNuts

COCONUTS Deodorant

COCONUTS Deodorant

$21.00 CAD

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This unisex deodorant is completely natural and it works. With only three simple ingredients, it neutralizes odors throughout the day. Coconut oil, the basis of this product, prevents the growth of bacteria in addition to eliminating unwanted odors. As all our products are completely natural, this deodorant does not irritate sensitive skin. The coconut smell is very light and discreet, so you will feel fresh and clean, with no added fragrances. This deodorant is safe for all ages and is ideal for environments where fragrances are to be avoided.


This gender neutral deodorant is an all natural deodorant that works. With just three simple ingredients, it provides you with all day odor control. This coconut oil based product will prevent bacteria growth, therefor eliminating unwanted odor. Like all of our natural skincare products, this deodorant won't irritate sensitive skin. The coconut scent is very light and dissipates so you are left feeling clean, without added fragrance. This deodorant is safe for all ages, and is ideal for scent-free environments.