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Dermo Ioniq

DERMO IONIQ Restructuring Conditioner

DERMO IONIQ Restructuring Conditioner

$136.00 CAD

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▪️ Reduces the signs of aging
▪️ Restructures, moisturizes, revitalizes the skin
▪️ Promotes elasticity and cellular oxygenation
▪️ Strengthens the skin barrier
▪️ Revives the radiance of the complexion

It revitalizes and restructures the skin. The skin is strengthened, hydrated and protected on a daily basis. This serum promotes elasticity and cellular oxygenation. It revives the skin's radiance to reveal a radiant complexion.


The Revitalizing Restructuring Concentrate reduces the signs of aging. The skin is restructured, hydrated and revitalized. This serum promotes the strengthening of the skin barrier.


▪️ HNC7™, the caviar of anti-aging, major innovation from DERMOIONIQ, HN7C™ (High Nutrition collagen), a unique bioactive complex composed of 7 molecular weights of collagen, required 10 years of research, development and clinical testing to achieve impeccable efficiency.