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GEHWOL Gerlachs Foot cream

GEHWOL Gerlachs Foot cream

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Gehwol Podiatric cream protects overworked feet, prevents itching, sores from friction, blisters caused by walking, inflammation between the toes and bruised feet.

This product eliminates bad odors, excess perspiration, strengthens the skin, makes it resistant and protects against cold feet.

Instructions: before hiking, apply Gehwol Podiatric cream in a thick layer of about 1mm. Wear thick socks.


Gehwol FootCream protects exhausted skin and prevents aching feet, sores, blister and chafing.

This product eliminates foot odor, excessive sweating of the feet, strengthens the skin, makes it resistant and prevents cold feet.

Use: apply a 1mm layer of Gehwol FootCream before hiking. Wear thick stockings.