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COCONUTS The big pot

COCONUTS The big pot

$55.00 CAD

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The big pot is the perfect size for head-to-toe use. It contains pure, extra-virgin, organic, fair trade and first cold-pressed coconut oil. This oil is ideal as a moisturizer for the ends of hair or beards, as a treatment against sunburn and burns, as a makeup remover, or simply as a lubricant. Our organic, cold-pressed coconut oil melts to the touch.

Since the pure oil is a super body and hair moisturizer, it is perfect as a natural mask to help dry, damaged hair regenerate, and provides soft, silky care for dry, sun-damaged skin. Coconut oil, which has restorative and softening properties, is also an excellent product for beard care.

Its strong hydrating power and anti-inflammatory properties make it an unrivaled ointment for soothing burns, cuts and sunburns. Finally, Le petit pot and Le grand pot can be used as makeup remover, aftershave balm and personal lubricant.

Container made in North America, reusable, recyclable and BPA-free, labels made in Canada, tested on owners and not animals, 8 oz format.

Since the buttery texture of pure coconut oil is easily absorbed by the skin, you only need to apply a very thin amount at a time.

As coconut oil liquefies at 24 degrees Celsius, it is stored in an airtight container so that it does not leak when exposed to heat exceeding this temperature.

As long as it is well closed, we can take The Big Pot everywhere with us.

Journey : you need to keep me cool because I melt in the heat. Please ensure you keep me well sealed in your luggage.

* Cocos Nucifera (coconut) oil. *Organic, extra virgin and cold pressed. Our coconut oil is simply pressed to retain its original nutrients.