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ME LINE Eye Contour Dark Circles

ME LINE Eye Contour Dark Circles

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Specific product to reduce dark circles and hyperpigmentation in the periocular area.
Home application product to improve and optimize the results obtained with 01 MELINE Dark Circles..

Active subtances
Ruscus Aculeatus, Gingko Biloba, Troxerutin and Melilotus Officinalis Alpha Arbutin and kojic acid Tranexamic acid Matrikines and flavonoids Vitamin P (flavonoids, saponosides and procyanidols)ols)
Action mechanism
Combination of depigmenting dermocosmetic active ingredients selected for their high skin tolerance at the periocular level. It acts by improving and reducing dark circles, reducing the melanin deposits formed, as well as pigmentations of melanohematic origin. In addition, it stimulates the cell cycle, fighting against the visible signs of skin photoaging.
Treatment protocol
Apply morning and evening, using the roll-on, a layer to the skin of the periocular area and let dry.
Application protocol
Use for a minimum period of at least 30 days, starting its use on the 2nd day after applying 01 MELINE Dark Circles..