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ME LINE Caucasian Skin Night Cream

ME LINE Caucasian Skin Night Cream

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Depigmenting emulsion for nighttime use for skin phototypes I-IV.
Improves and delays the appearance of skin pigmentations. It inhibits the expression of the enzyme tyrosinase, thereby inhibiting the synthesis of melanin.

Active subtances
Azelaic acid Melanostatin 5 Arbutin Magnesium sulfate Thioctic acid Retinal Phenylethyl resorcinolorcinol
Action mechanism
The synergy of its ingredients leads to an effective reduction in the transcription of the mRNA necessary for the synthesis of tyrosinase and thus allows effective inhibition of melanin synthesis.
Treatment protocol
The product should be used for at least 90 days, however, the total duration will be determined by the professional.
Application protocol
After cleansing the facial skin, apply a thin layer over the entire surface of the face, massaging until completely absorbed. If irritation occurs, use it every other day for two or three weeks, then continue daily application.