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GEHWOL MED Cream against calluses

GEHWOL MED Cream against calluses

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Urea combined with glycerin and allantoin reduces the thickening of the horn. Intensive care immediately softens the skin with a tangible reduction in calluses in just a few days.

In 28 days, the skin generally returns to its normal state. Lipids protect and strengthen, the silk extract makes the skin hydrated and smooth.

Use: apply the cream twice a day on the affected regions and gently penetrate.


Urea strengthened with glycerine and allantoin loosens the cellular bonds of hard callus layers. The intensive care brings about immediate softening and a noticeable reduction in calluses within a few days.

Normal skin conditions are generally reached within 28 days. Lipids strengthen and protect; silk extract provides moisture and smooths the skin.

Use: apply cream to the affected areas twice daily.