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GEHWOL MED Podiatry Powder

GEHWOL MED Podiatry Powder

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Gehwol MED podiatry powder contains high-quality components, such as tapioca starch, micronized zinc oxide and bisabolol, which prevent odors and absorb moisture. Clotrimazol is a proven active ingredient in the prevention of yeast infections.

Use: powder the feet every day - ideally after a foot bath. You will get an optimal result by also sprinkling the inside of your socks.


Gehwol MED Foot Powder, with its high-quality foot care agents, tapioca starch, micronised zinc oxide and bisabolol, prevents foot odor and absorbs perspiration. The well-tried active ingredient clotrimazol prevents fungal infections.

Directions for use: dust your feet with the powder once daily - ideally after a foot bath. For best results, sprinkle your socks with the powder as well.